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We are a group of MIT students and alumni that are dedicated to building high performance combat robots of all shapes and sizes.

Our robots range from 1lb antweights to 250lb heavyweights and compete in competitions across the United States. 

Uppercut, competed on the last two seasons of BattleBots, finishing in the Top 16 in its rookie year and being seeded 4th in the final tournament in its second year.

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All profits go towards building next year’s Uppercut!


Uppercut could not exist without the support of our sponsors.

Uppercut is a competitor on Battlebots. With over 3.5M viewers, the Battlebots show can provide your brand with a valuable opportunity for publicity. On top of that, exposing your products and services to our team of young engineers can help to build long lasting industry relationships in the future.

Perks include opportunities to be featured on each fight’s title card, team apparel, the robot, and more. 

Contact us through our sponsorship email at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more.