About Us

and our robot friends

The Team

Behind every good robot is a better team. Uppercut is built by a dedicated group of students and alumni from MIT with help from the Combat Robotics club. Our members have built everything from 3lb beetleweights robots to 250lb monsters.

Alex Hattori

Alex is a recent MechE graduate from MIT (S.B 2019, S.M 2020). When he isn't leading the team or working on robotic actuators, he's winning yoyo competitions and abusing our local CNC mill.

Mason Massie

Mason is a recent MechE graduate from MIT (S.B 2019). His spare time is mostly dedicated to building silly vehicles, using a MIG as a hot glue gun, and screaming at Alex.

Jackson Gray

Jackson is a senior from Arizona that is enthusiastic about power electronics, electric motors, and controls. Above all else, he enjoys turning dumb ideas into silly objects.

Sofia Leon

Sofia is a junior studying mechanical engineering. She likes robots, photography, and dancing to Latin music.

Devansh Agrawal

Dev is a PhD student studying controls at the aerospace department in UMich. Fascinated by space systems and things that fly, in his free time he enjoys making stupid things.

Chetan Sharma

Chetan enjoys building useless machines and finding increasingly creative ways of injuring himself. This fits well with his motto of "DIY or die trying"

Austin Brown

Austin is a recent MechE graduate from MIT (S.B 2018, S.M 2020). He is the man, the myth, the motor diddler. When he isn’t buried deep in the bowels of STMCube he is a hobby bread connoisseur and has a robot that cooks him dumplings.

Greg Xie

Greg is a junior studying mechanical engineering. When he isn’t upsetting Alex with his unironic use of Fusion 360, Greg keeps himself busy working on things like a composite skateboard made out of McMaster catalogs or building himself a lathe.

Lili Sun

Lili is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. She likes things that fly: rockets, planes, and the occasional cat. She spends most of her time outside of Uppercut-ing working on avionics for the MIT Rocket Team, eating Fruit Loops and Dino Nuggets, and blasting 70s music.

Jonhenry Poss

Jonhenry is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. When he isn’t arguing with Mason about the merits of stick welding or welding aluminum, he builds all sorts of contraptions. From all terrain suspension long boards to butter guns, he’s one step ahead of you.

Sam Ferguson

Sam is a sophomore studying aerospace engineering. They like building dumb things that occaisionally work and hopefully fly. Most of their time outside of Uppercut is spent designing planes or trying to prove the sandwich-juice model of the world.

Jen Curtiss

Jen is a sophomore studying computer science/electrical engineering. While Jen’s true passion may be working on grain elevators, she is even more passionate about manufacturing and filling Uppercut wheels. Her car, Mootzy, applied to be on the team but is still on the waiting list.

Saba Zerefa

Saba is a sophomore studying electrical engineering. When she isn’t helping wire the robot or making electric vehicles, she can be found producing music or losing money in $GME.

Jeremy Germita

Jeremy is an all around robotics connoisseur. From mentoring a world championship winning FRC team, to destroying his own former robots in sick reveal videos, Jeremy spends quite a bit of time working on robots and teaching others his ways.

Jared Dicarlo

Jared is the spleen of Uppercut. While he can’t do a backflip himself, he can program robots to do so. His favorite utensil is a fork (for obvious reasons) and he is proud to cook his favorite dish: beef cheese rice. He has one of the best attendance records for in-person Uppercut meetings, but not by choice. Many meetings took place in his and Alex’s dorm room.


Amy Fang

Sarah Pohorecky

Dayna Erdman